Our Local SEO Campaign & Strategy

Today I will tell you about how our Marketing & SEO is going and this is just a quick update to let everyone know what is going on with us here and the site. As most of you know from the last post we made, we hired a few outside companies to help us out with a few things, which in turn would free up some of our time to work on the content for the site. Our freshly started local seo campaign is going outstanding so far, and we could not be any happier with the service these guys are doing. So far they have gotten us on page 1 for about 12 kw’s and it just keeps getting better and better. Our traffic has doubled in just the last few weeks, and we are seeing more and more unique visitors every day. We have made a good deal of money as well over the last few weeks, which we completely owe to the seo campaign going on right now. Since most of the people visiting the site are local customers that is the main reason we decided to go with a local search campaign. If things keep going like they are going we will be on the front page for about 30 kw’s that all pertain to exactly what our site is about. That should increase our traffic dramatically and we should be way ahead of schedule. We are so happy with the quality of work these guys have provided so far that we decided to write this post about them and to praise their excellent work so far. I know most of you are wondering who this company is and how you can get in touch with them, and we will divulge that near the end of this post. The main thing to know is that this company has taken us out of the gutter and completely turned it around to making us a popular and profitable company in just about 1 full month. That is nothing short of a miracle and we will be eternally grateful for the hard work, dedication, and support they have given us over the past 30 days. They are definitely the best local search firm we have ever seen, used, and been a part of in our 6 years of owning this specific company and website. From what we gave them to work with, which essentially was nothing, to what they have accomplished so far, it really is some of the best work we have ever seen. Now considering this has been our secret weapon, we are a little hesitant about letting everyone know this companies name, but praise can not be fulfilled if we do not let you know who they are.

So without anymore time wasting, the name of the best local seo company around is SEOjus and they are located in South Florida. Here is their logo


One Of Our Favorite Sites For Vape Reviews

Today I am just going to tell you all about a excellent site that does Vape Reviews. They do it for the community and they do not receive anything in return. Nobody sends them free stuff, nobody pays them to write the reviews, and they make no money from the site itself. They simply wanted to help out and give back, so they started to write these reviews on Sub Ohm Tanks, Box Mods, e-Juice, and other Vape equipment. Because of how the operate and the effort they put into the site, they have received lots of positive feedback and people have certainty been talking about them. Ever since I found out about them and their site it is the go to place for me to check before buying anything online or in a actual store. So far everything single thing they have said about a specific product has turned out to be true. They always tell the truth in their reviews and will never jeopardize their morals or ethics by writing something just to benefit the manufacturer or company that makes it.

They have written quite a few reviews lately, and one really good one is the Playboy Vixen Tank Review that lots of people have been talking about online, as well as offline. They really did do a fantastic job putting it together and the attention it has gotten is well deserved. There really isn’t anything wrong with the review at all, there is tons of written content, there is a quick spec section, a coil and wattage section, and tons of high quality pictures to go along with the other great stuff.

They have a few different category pages as well. There is a Sub Ohm Tank category, a DNA 200 Box Mod category, a e-Juice category, and a few others I can not remember off the top of my head. Their Sub Ohm Tank page is by far the most popular and has the most reviews on it.

Another great one they did about or month or so ago is the Herakles Plus Tank Review that is probably the most popular page on their whole site. That tank might very well be the best tank on the market, in my opinion and they think the same thing. They did a excellent job on that one as well, with lots of descriptive text, a quick spec section, some really good pictures, and a score of the tank. I actually ordered one of them right after reading about it on their site, because I know they are completely honest and tell it like it is with no bs added. So I ordered it and once I got it I understood why they spoke so highly of the tank. The vapor production is incredible, the flavor is ridiculously on point and just as good as a RBA/RDA if not better, and it looks awesome also.

Well that should sum it up for this review post, I hope you enjoyed it and found it useful and will check out their site now and before you make any purchases in the future.

Looking Into The Future

If we had to guess where we would be today, we would of had no clue at all. That is why it is so weird to actually be writing this. We would of never thought that we would of had to start completely over, from scratch. So this is all very new to us, and why we are taking it day by day. Since our time is so limited, we have enlisted the help of a few companies to help us out where we need it most. That would be in the Design and Marketing of the site. So the first company we hired is to help with the search marketing, specifically a local seo company that can get us where we need to be. Since most of our traffic used to come in naturally, from search, we know that w need to replicate that again, to get the most out of the traffic. We never really relied on paid advertising, as it never brought us the targeted traffic we needed, so the only thing left is organic, and that is where this awesome local seo firm will come into play. They have over 12 years in the business’s, and have helped everyone ranging from small mom and pop companies, to medium, and even Fortune 500 Corporations. We are sure that we are in good hands, as the references we got about this company were astonishing. Usually you maybe hear 1 or 2 good things about a SEO Firm, but we literally got over 30 good references about their work. That speaks volumes to me about what they can do, have done, and will do for us in the up and coming months. So that is where we are at in the Marketing area, and the other part we are working heavily on is the Design and Content Creation. We did hire a company to help us out with the design, but we wont get into that until the next post, which should be over the weekend or first thing on Monday. I have to say, losing all of our pages and posts is heartbreaking, considering how much time, effort, and money we put into it. Since the chances of recovering that are slim to none, we just have to move on, and start to write some new stuff. So that is what we have been working so hard on, and why it has been a slow process for us to get this site back up.

If you want to know about the local seo firm we hired, you can check them out and see if they are a right fit for your company as well. All I can say about them is that they really know what they are doing, and will give you excellent service throughout the time you have with them. Here is where you can find them – Natural SEO Juice

Welcome To Ugandanlink

Welcome to Ugandanlink. We are in the process of updating the site so please be patient as well get everything back to how it was before. We are working hard every day to get this site back up to par, and it will be done within the next week or so. Thanks to all the supporters and for the emails you have been sending. It is greatly appreciated. Please keep coming by and we will constantly be adding new stuff to the site.